27 May 2009

Andre-Philippe Hardy

Andre-Philippe Hardy wrote the following piece just this past March.

Source: RBC Capital Markets

Prices of bank stocks started their ascent after its publication.

Less than 2 months after reiterating that it was still too early (not just 'early,' but 'too early') to buy bank stocks and that banks should consider suspending their common share dividends, Andre-Philippe Hardy came out with this:

Source: RBC Capital Markets

Andre-Philippe Hardy, you are a real piece of work, aren't you?

Our crack team of Analysts here at financialsector.blogspot.com is of the opinion that RBC should suspend further payment of Andre-Philippe Hardy's salary, and suspend dividend payments on any RBC common shares that Andre-Philippe Hardy may own.

We'll continue to post excerpts of Andre-Philippe Hardy's work on financialsector.blogspot.com ... for their amusement value. Any future mention of Andre-Philippe Hardy's name or work will always be hyperlinked to this post.

Andre-Philippe Hardy, no analyst gets these things right 100% of the time, a mea culpa would have been the honourable thing to do.